15 best free solitaire game apps for IOS & Android

Are you tired of everyday routine? Do you want to step back and play something worthwhile? Then, we present to your attention 15 best free solitaire game apps for IOS & Android. Solitaire remains the most popular card game throughout its existence, and there’s a powerful reason. Simple rules and simple gameplay allow the user to play without any difficulty. Sit down comfortably and enjoy reading of our helpful article!

Freecell Solitaire by Brainium


Elegant and easy to use interface are waiting for you. Your task is to build four foundations of cards in ascending order starting from ACE to king, using cards of the same suit.

In the game you will find an animated tutorial that will tell you the rules and show the correct move. Freecell means great design, easy gameplay, and the best game you ever played!

freecell freecell-2

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Solitaire Blitz™: Lost Treasures


The action takes place on the gorgeous Caribbean Islands. Become a treasure hunter. Your task is to clear the deck of cards in 60 seconds. Search for and collect the treasures. You can also compete with your friends. Prove them that you are the best! 125 adventure quests are waiting for you!


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Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold


Lay your solitaire in order to access the rock with the gold thieves. Around there is the lovely green nature and birds singing will help you in the selection of cards of your solitaire. Collect all the cards in the right places and the rock with the gold thieves finally will open. Good luck!


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Solitaire Royale


Solitaire Royale offers eight different card games and two additional games. In the first game the player must play all the main games in a certain order, and the second additional game is played on the account.

In addition to the main set of games, three children’s card games are also designed and developed. Children’s games involve finding pairs of similar cards in different ways.


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Tripeaks solitaire


The rules of the game is simple: on top of the suggested cards you should put other cards in ascending or descending order. It must be done so that in the end all the cards were stacked in the deck.

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Pyramid: Solitaire saga

pyramid-solitaire-saga-2Together with the heroes of the game you have to know all the wonders of the ancient world, meet the beetles scarabs, and to find the way to open the mysterious card. During the game you will solve complex card puzzle to get to the main goal – the treasures and magic of the Ancients.

Become a treasure hunter, explore the magical worlds and complete exciting levels!

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Avalon Legends Solitaire


Help the inhabitants of the magic Kingdom. Stay in the role of the druid and show their skills. First, you need to collect a deck of cards and then place them in the correct order. Travel to an enchanted land, collect bonus cards and awards.

Save the people of Avalon from evil! Become a hero in Avalon Legends Solitaire. The brightest backgrounds and vast quantitative bonuses and rewards are waiting for you!

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Cleopatra’s Pyramid


Do you want to dive into the world of the desert and the pyramids? Welcome to Cleopatra’s Pyramid. For you there are 212 challenging levels and addictive gameplay. Complete the stage and get a beautiful stone. Use it to create your own pyramid.

Your task consists of the following – you need to remove as many cards as possible for the least amount of moves. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it seems!


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Magic Towers Solitaire (Tri-Peaks)

magic-tower-solitaireThis game is one of the versions of solitaire. There are three towers of cards. Move all cards from the playing field to the card at the bottom. It is possible to lay down the cards on one grade younger or older.

You do not need to combine the cards by the suit. If you have nothing to put, just change the map below or use the Wild Card, which you can put on any card.


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King Solitaire – FreeCell

imagen-king-solitaire-freecell-0bigIt is a familiar flash solitaire game to many players. It will allow you to spend time with benefit and rest, for example during a work break. The goal is to build a deck in order, however, in this version of the online game all cards are already opened.

You have four additional blank cells where you can place one card, and the others move as in the usual standard solitaire. Build a deck in the 4 cells located on the right side, and it all begins with the ACE of course. To perform all necessary operations you have only 10 minutes. Everything looks pretty, clear and simple.

king-solitaire-3 king-solitaire-2

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Christmas Solitaire

christmas-holiday-solitaireNew year’s eve is best done at home, by the fireplace with your favorite gadget in your hands. If you just don’t want to watch the movie, you can take a break and play in an entertaining game Christmas Solitaire.

It’s a simple Klondike solitaire, which is decorated in Christmas style, so you don’t have to go outside to see the snow and remember that Christmas is coming. The atmosphere is warm and cheerful, you will be satisfied by the game especially if you collect this solitaire quickly.

Even in the game Christmas solitaire you will not see the usual Queens and kings on the cards, but you will have to wait for the snow maiden, snowmen and Santa. And the ACE will be decorated with snow-covered Christmas tree. The rules of the game Christmas solitaire is quite simple, but to complete it successfully, you have to think about and calculate a few moves ahead.

You have four blank deck, marked with stripes. Soon there should appear all the cards of that suit, starting with ACE and ending with king. If this happens, then you can consider yourself to be a true master of solitaire Klondike and play Christmas solitaire. But don’t forget the deck, lying face down. All cards must be distributed by suit in their own columns.


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Fairway Solitaire Blast

fair-wayThis is a beautiful solitaire game that has a zest, with the help of which the game has become one of the most popular of this type. The game has some contiguity with the game of golf. The aim of the solitaire is to remove all cards from the field.

But in addition to the routine displacement of cards, you can use different bonuses. The game has support of online multiplayer, so you can fight with other users.


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Spider Solitaire

spider-solitaireIt is one of the most popular variants of solitaire, and now it is on your phone! It is an absolutely free game for the Android operating system 1.5 and above. In this card game, you must collect all the cards on the table by suit in the deck, starting with king and ending with ACE.

This spider solitaire will remind you of those puzzles in which you have played on other platforms, and now you can appreciate this popular game on the new generation of devices. Spider Solitaire game is a great way to have a good time.


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Neverland Solitaire


It is an exciting solitaire in Wonderland! Play with Alice in a fun solitaire game, find 2 identical-value cards, regardless of suit, and remove them from the field. 100 levels for a long and enjoyable game!


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Wild West Solitaire

wild-westFind your Klondike in this solitaire! Stack cards in order from ACE to king, but the color of the stripes must alternate. Initially, this task may seem simple, but as you progress through the game the difficulty of the level will increase. Good luck!


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