11 Free Online Chat Games for Android & iOS

Are you getting bored with routine online conversations in messengers? There’s a way to spice this process up!

There are lots of online chat games for Android and iOS that empower you to interact with other players and get new friends. The themes of these games are all different – from the ones related to fashion and dancing to science-fiction and matchmaking ones. But the one thing they all have in common is that they can help you socialize and make new connections with players all around the world.

In case you’re looking for the apps to chat with someone from you area, be sure to read this article.

Here’s the list of 11 best free games that category hat worth you time. Have a look!


Let’s start with an app called Lady Popular: Fashion Arena. This is an online social game that empowers its players to express their unique fashion style and communicate with one another.

This is mostly a game for girls and it has cool graphics and wide customization options. The game grants you to generate your own model and lead her in the world of fashion. Thus, you start with several amounts of clothes and hairstyle options but you’ll be able to unlock much more while playing. The game covers numerous mini-games that you can enter to get more points and buy your avatar a new outfit.

Into the bargain, you can get into a relationship with other players and even get yourself a pet. Plus, you can alter every little detail of your character — from the skin to small accessories that can match her style. Apart from dressing up, you can literally simulate the way of life that you want — from building your dream apartment to a job and love life. And all of those aspects are adjustable as well so you can decorate your apartment to match your preferences.

Furthermore, this is a multiplayer game so there are real people beneath the surrounding avatars. You can build connections and compare your fashion skills with other avatars and socialize with players in a built-in chat. You can even join mini-games within the chat to interact with users. There are group chat rooms available as well. The game gets weekly updates so you won’t get bored with it that fast.

In a nutshell, if you want a combination of the fashion game, the sims, and also the capability to interact with players around the world, try the Lady Popular game.

Lady 1 Lady 2


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Plato – Games & Group Chats


The second game is called Plato — Games & Group Chats and this is an app that includes numerous group games you can participate in with other users.

For now, the app includes more than thirty group mini-games you can play with other people and its number is constantly growing. Needless to say, every person can find a game that matches his preferences — from basic sea battles and poker to mini-golf, football, and the werewolf game. All the games require a different amount of players and you can rather play with a group of mates or go find new people.

Some of the games even empower you to play with for up to one hundred people. You can enter any game you see on the main page and if you’re a good player you can be included in a leaders list. The app also has everything for you not to worry about your privacy. Thereby, you don’t need your phone number or email while register.

Furthermore, your one to one dialogues is not being stored on the app’s servers once they are delivered. The app also has a matchmaking system you can use to get to know personalities according to your concerns. The chats in the app have lots of features and game-related emojis you can use. There’re millions of people using the app every day so making new mates won’t be that hard.

All in all, if you enjoy playing group mini-games and want to meet new people, the Plato app is your cup of tea.



Habbo – Virtual World


Habbo – Virtual World is an app that permits you to enjoy games and meet up with new people.

This game is partly MMO but not entirely. There’s a huge world in the app that you can travel and socialize with other players. Plus, while building an avatar you are able to modify every little detail about him. Starting with skin and hair to fashion style and all that. Once you’re done with your character you can start playing by simulating the way of life.

Thus, you can find yourself a place to live, a job, and even get a pet. You can also go to public places and interact with other players. You can build connections, make mates, and maybe find the love of your life there. There are regular life events and challenges going on in the game’s community you can participate in. Furthermore, you can join some social groups like doctors or mafia.

While moving forward in the game you will get points and some stuff you can trade if you want. There’s a build-n chat in the game so you can interact with users even more without leaving the game. The app is free but you can but sub packs for some extra instruments. Besides, the app has old-school graphics that and all the characters look a lot like lego figures.

To sum up, if you like pixelized games aesthetic and want to make new acquaintances, be sure to try the Habbo game.

Habbo 1 Habbo 2




Roblox is another social game that permits you to meet new contacts while playing.

The game has its own virtual universe you can explore and be anyone you want. Apart from its sister games, this one doesn’t limit you with just one virtual world. This app has plenty of worlds created by the massive community. And the amount of worlds just keeps growing, so you won’t get bored with the game. There are millions of players playing the game every day and you can talk to anyone you want. Plus, the game is cross-platform, you can play it on various devices.

The game grants you to build your virtual avatar and alter his appearance. There’s a huge virtual closet of accessories and clothes you can try on and it gets regular updates. Next, you can travel the world, take part in requests and events, and even start your own ones. Besides, there are various mini-games you can plat within the game and some of them are made by users.

The game also includes a game builder so you can make a game by yourself. By the same token, the app has a built-in chat you can use for dialogues and group conversations. There are also guilds of users with matching interests you can join. The game has 3D graphics and easy navigation so you’ll quickly get into the gaming process.

In conclusion, if you want to multi-world game with built-in chat, try the Roblox game.

Roblox 1 Roblox 2


IMVU: 3D Social Media, Avatar, Chat, Party, Friend


IMVU: 3D Social Media, Avatar, Chat, Party, Friend is a game the socialists you and helps you meet new acquaintances.

This grants you to create a 3D reflection of yourself as an avatar and then go to an open world to socialize. The avatar building instrument has lots of altering options and you can adjust every little detail for an app to match your preferences. Not all the clothing items are available when you start playing but you can earn coins and spend them on new clothes and all that.

There are millions of users in the game and there’s a real person beneath each one. The graphic and animation in the game is beautiful and the characters look bomb. Plus, the game empowers you to choose a place you’ll live in and decorate it as you want. Then, you can visit public places and converse with people over there.

Therewith, the app has a built-in chat so you can speak to people without leaving the game. You can also enter various chat rooms for players with common interests. The game grants you to get into a relationship and even take a pet if you want. You can even get married in the game and then get divorced.

To crown it all, if you want to generate a visual reflection of yourself to live and relate with people in a virtual city, try the IMVU app.





Fortnite is a game that you’ve probably already have heard of. This is a multiplayer game that empowers you to fight battles and socialize with new people all along.

Your main aim in this game is to be the last one standing in the fight and you can use your whole creativity to make it happen. This app is the same game you’ve seen on PS and PC, only a mobile version. It has all the same maps, same graphics, and the same updates that happen every week. The app empowers you to build a fort under your command and fight your enemies with the help of your mates.

You can communicate with any player you want and there’s a built-in chat for that. Plus, you can enter various associations and visit the Creative hub to see new islands that come out almost every day. You can earn coins for successful battles and collect resources that can be traded later on. There are lots of weapons in the game but you will only unlock the fun ones when you move forward in the game.

In a nutshell, if you enjoy building battle tactics and want to make new friends, give the Fortnite game a try.

Fortnite 1 Fortnite 2


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Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart is an online socializing game that empowers you to meet new people in a virtual world.

This is practically a matchmaking service but in the game form. After signing up, you will need to build a character that will represent you in the game and give him a name. Everything about your virtual avatar can be altered – from eye shape to the color of your earrings. You can also choose the class of your character and there are eight options available right now.

Once you’ll be done with this part you will get access to an open world. Thus, you can go to public places, cafes, and parties to meet other users and relate to them. There’s a built-in chat so you can talk to people without leaving the game. You can also choose to play with your mate if you want.

Furthermore, there’s a matchmaking tool that can pick a partner for you based on you preferences and interests. While picking up a match for you the app also makes sure your horoscopes are matching as well. While moving forward in the game you will earn coins you can spend on improving your avatar, taking pets, and buying new houses.

To sum up, if you want to try a virtual matchmaking game, pay attention to the Lucent Heart game.

Lucent Heart

Play Lucent Heart

Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso is an MMO science-fiction game that can also be used for finding new friends.

Apart from the previous game, this one gives you lots of exciting fantasy events you can take part in. Plus, the game has the coolest 3D graphics and animation that helps you feel the atmosphere. The game has an open world and empowers you to do whatever you want with it. Thus, you can take part in events and competitions, just travel the world, and even become an entrepreneur by reading stuff and investing in something.

Besides, you can hunt the robots that attack the planet and explore the depths of the planet with miners. Into the bargain, you can interact with all the users and talks tooth em in a built-in chat. There’s also a world’s chat with the latest events and challenges you can participate in and some group chat rooms based on guilds and interests. You start with a basic character but you can get new ammunition while moving forward in the game.

All in all, if you’re a fan of science-fiction games, be sure to try playing the Planet Calypso one.

Planet Calypso

Play Planet Calypso

Second life

Second life is a game that empowers you to socially interact with other players from around the world.

The game empowers you to create a 3D avatar that will be your reflection in the game. The avatar building instrument has lots of options for clothing, hairstyles, and even makeup. However, there’s a limited list of items available for new players, and you will only have access to them when you move forward in the game. Once you’ll get your avatar done you will be able to do whatever you want.

Therewith, you can travel the open world, find yourself a job and a place for living, and even take a pet. Besides, you can visit cafes, cinemas, parties, and other public places to meet other users and communicate with them. The game has a built-in chat you can use to talks to other users without escaping the game. You can also join group chat rooms based on interests and the classes of characters.

In conclusion, if you enjoy exploring virtual worlds and want to make new contacts with people, be sure to try the Second life game.

second life

Play Second life

The Salem

The Salem is another MMO game that can help you socialize and get new mates.

Your main aim in this game is to collect as many useful resources as you can to survive and move to the next chapter. Plus, according to its name, Salem covers the historical events that took place in the self-titled city a long time ago. And by that, we obviously mean the witch hunt. You will be able to create a character that will represent you in the game and dress him up as you want.

Into the bargain, you can interact with other players and talk to them in a built-in chat. There are also various group chat rooms based on some common interests. When you move forward in the game you will get coins you can spend on the market. You can rather buy yourself a new outfit or level up your character’s skills and strengths. Besides, the game includes some paid sub packs in case you’ll want to experience some extra chapters of it.

In the long run, if you like multiplayer games with socializing options and historical setup, give the Salem game a try.


Play The Salem

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The 5 Street

And last but not least, The 5 Street is an online dancing game that empowers you to communicate with other players.

This is a multiplayer game for all the dance, music, and fashion lovers out there. The game permits you to design your avatar and there are multiple options for altering the way your avatar looks. Thus, you can change his body shape, pick up a nice outfit, hairstyle, and makeup. Next, you’ll find yourself in an open world with the surrounding characters singing, dancing, and enjoying their virtual life.

You can explore the city and go to public places, cafes parties, and all that to make connections with people. You can also participate in dancing and fashion challenges with other characters to find out who’s the best. There’s also a built-in chat you use to talks to the players. You can also make connections withing the game, make friends, and even get married.

To crown it all, if you want to enter the community of dance and fashion lovers like you and make new mates, try The 5 Street game for that.


Play The 5 Street

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