12 Best Gym Companion Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

It is not always easy for us to do new things. This is especially true for sports, fitness and any other activity. After some break, even if you actively ran, did strength training or just did yoga, it’s hard enough to resume them.

Do not know how to motivate yourself and become more responsible when it comes to your fitness? Then we have found a solution for you!

Gym companion apps are what you need. The applications we found for you are the best in this field. They will help you focus on the exercise you need, remind you of a planned workout or help you plan your exercise.

In this way you will be able to achieve your goal – whether it’s to lose weight, achieve better physical shape or just take your spare time.
Whatever you want, you can achieve your goal with one of our apps – and we have 12 in total for you! And in addition, you can check out the best 7-minute workout apps that will help you to warm up before the gym!

Strong – Workout Tracker Gym Log

According to the developers, the application Strong is the most intuitive tracker, which is designed to help users achieve great sports results. More than a million users have already joined the community and downloaded the app to keep fit.

It doesn’t matter what level you have – you may be an experienced powerlifter or you’ve only come to the gym for the second time in your life. Strong is optimized for any level of physical development.

You can choose your program of activities, complementing it and adding your exercises. In Strong, you can find a lot of cardio exercises and power complexes.

Each exercise is completed with instructions, such as an animated video or a text description. Each of them affects your muscles differently and is designed for a specific weight.

Strong will track your records – for example, how many times you could sit down with the barbell or how fast you ran. The app also has a built-in tracker for your body parameters, such as weight and girth.

Sync Strong for full integration with Google Fit and add notes to each of your workouts. Strong will be your diary of physical successes and failures.

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log
Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

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StrongLifts 5×5 Weight Lifting

Do you want to plan your gym practice? Then we suggest you use StrongLifts.

This application is one of the most effective ways to plan exercises, and also to develop an excellent training program – especially if you are new to fitness.
Record your goals and capabilities, and StrongLifts will plan your training and help you achieve your goals.

StrongLifts usually offers users training 3 times a week, which will keep you fit. Of course, you can put your training more often to strengthen and build your muscles even faster.

With the app, you can set your level of training immediately – such as powerlifting programs or bodybuilding basics. Now you will have a coach in your pocket, who will take into account all your abilities, as well as your abilities in weight lifting and powerlifting.

The application itself has a lightweight and intuitive design, which will tell you how to track your current training or even record all bodybuilding exercises.

In StrongLifts you will find out how many sets of exercises you should do in one workout, and the interval timer will tell you when to stop in time. Now each of your exercises will be the most effective and suitable for your body!

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log
StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

JEFIT Workout – Free personal exercise trainer & Gym Log

If you have wanted to hire a professional trainer before, but every time you have changed your mind or have not yet found a professional, then we recommend JEFIT.

Here you will not only get the motivation to train, but also a personal trainer who will control all your fitness activities. At JEFIT, you’ll keep your progress and exercise diary, where you can track your progress and training intensity.

Your JEFIT trainer will help you create personalized and customized workouts and complexes. All workout complexes can be created using the largest base of sports exercises.

There are over 1,300 exercises in the exercise catalog and you can leave your notes in the exercise reports for each one. JEFIT will analyze your reports to create an even more effective workout program in the future.

JEFIT is quickly synchronized and updated so you don’t have to spend too much time interacting with the workout program – especially during training. All data is uploaded with a minimum number of clicks as well as a timer start.

Have you ever used a notebook and pen before? Forget about them and just follow your goal.

JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker
JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker

Freeletics Training Coach – Bodyweight & Mindset

Freeletics Training Coach is your virtual personal trainer who will only be with you when you feel comfortable with it.

With its help, you will be able to develop new healthy habits, learn to train properly and effectively, as well as achieve your desired goals and results. Simply define your goal inside the app from the start and enter your parameters, so the trainer can get to know you and help you.

The entire Freeletics Training Coach program is designed for intense interval training – better known as HIIT. All of them are adapted to your level of physical development and health – that’s why you enter the initial parameters.

You work out on your terms, leaving most of the time for your favorite exercises such as running or exercising with your weight.

The virtual trainer is based on the work of artificial intelligence – that’s why you can consider all training as individual. You get an optimal workout plan to help you gain muscle mass, lose weight or prepare for a marathon.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can choose a workout that suits your schedule. At Freeletics Training Coach, there’s a whole community of like-minded people waiting to support you even when you’re under pressure.


Gymaholic Workout Tracker

In case you would like to look at yourself from the side while training, you can install the Gymaholic Workout Tracker app on your smartphone. With Apple, this app works perfectly with augmented reality.

It contains your personal trainer and your avatar, which fully reflects your physical condition. To do this, immediately after installing the application you will need to fill in data about your sex, growth, as well as percentage of body fat.

Your avatar will reflect the muscles you used during exercise. How it works: You complete your workout and upload it to the app. Your avatar will automatically light up the muscles you have used today.

During the week, you will see which muscles you use the least and which exercises are worth working on. You can watch your avatar from any angle, so you can see even better which part of your body needs training. By the way, you can also record your workouts on video with your avatar.

Gymaholic Workout Tracker can be used with or without Apple Watch – just by tracking your workout. It syncs perfectly with the Health app, so you’ll have all the data recorded.

Every developer effort is focused on improving the physical performance of the users and you can measure it yourself by simply downloading Gymaholic Workout Tracker.

Gymaholic Workout Tracker1
Gymaholic Workout Tracker2


Most often people prefer high-intensity complexes for slimming or improving physical fitness. These are supersets, tobacco, and HIIT.
These are the programs that the GymRun app can offer you – it is designed for the needs of users and can easily help you in the process of slimming.

GymRun allows you to manage training programs that you create yourself or take ready-made sets. The app remembers all your previous sets and offers you auto-fill when you create new ones.

Inside the app, you can track your body performance during your workouts – for example, recording your weight every week or simply controlling how much body fat you have.

A timer is built into the GymRun to help you workout more comfortably. You need it so that you can control the time of active sets. You can also customize the visual parameters of the application – the theme color or even create several different profiles.

If you buy a new smartphone, you can easily transfer all your progress and statistics to your new device. GymRun constantly backs up to your cloud storage, like Dropbox or Google Drive. With every record you set, you’ll receive notifications and congratulations – the best motivation to climb to new heights.

Workout Tracker & Gym Plan Log
Workout Tracker & Gym Plan Log

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Active by POPSUGAR

Sports and fitness will never be burdensome or inconvenient if you treat them as entertainment. With the Active by POPSUGAR app, you’ll make the sports part of your life full and active.

Record videos, take photos and record your sporting achievements, so you’ll want to go back and forth again in this section. This app is designed to make your fitness life more diverse and intense, thus motivating yourself to new achievements.

Inside the app, there is a team of experts and trainers who are always ready to help you and make the most “sweaty” workout. You can work out practically with them – just like with a coach in real life.

In Active by POPSUGAR you’ll find training sessions that aren’t usually told to ordinary people. For example, girls may be interested in the Victoria’s Secret Angels training system or other intensive training complexes.

Do you study at home or have too little time to fully practice? Then the Active application will find a comprehensive HIIT workout for you – where you can use all the muscles of your body.

20 minutes and you replace the workout at the fitness club with a trainer. If you only work out at home, it’s easy to find the Tabat system – it doesn’t require any special equipment and you can train with equal efficiency.

Active by POPSUGAR1
Active by POPSUGAR2

GYM Generation Fitness

Nowadays, a lot of people are into fitness. It’s great – this is how the generation gets healthy, as well as getting a lot of knowledge about nutrition and much more.

But even if you’ve never played sports before, you can still blend in with the modern “healthy” flow and start training with a virtual coach.

The GYM Generation Fitness app will replace your fitness club coach and help even newcomers become advanced in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.
GYM Generation Fitness has collected over a hundred different exercises that develop different muscles in your body.

In the description of each exercise, you will find explanations of which muscle groups are currently involved, as well as a video that explains the technique in more detail.
You can challenge yourself and do it, improving your own body every day.

At the beginning of registration, you fill in your personal data concerning your body. GYM Generation Fitness will calculate your body mass index and will calculate your calorie rate according to your goal – to gain weight, lose weight or maintain fitness.

Internal calculators will even calculate your heart rate for cardio training, so your jogging and cycling can be more effective for your body.

GYM Generation Fitness Workout
GYM Generation Fitness Workout

Fitonomy – Weight Loss Training, Home & Gym

Fitonomy is a complete planner for your day that takes into account your fitness and sports needs. Now you can accurately find time to train and perform the necessary set of exercises.

The app will make your workout easy and stress-free, and all you need to do is follow your schedule. Fitonomy can also tell you what’s best to cook for dinner, so you can stay in shape and still be fed!

All of the exercises in Fitonomy require no special equipment or special equipment. All you need is your body weight and small space. You can perform them not only in the gym but also on a gym mat in your bedroom or even outdoors.

Each workout is individual and designed to achieve your goals, as well as taking into account your physical characteristics. All exercises are presented in 3D animations that allow you to explore the exercise from any angle. You do not need to guess how to put your legs or bend.

In addition to the exercises themselves, as we mentioned before, Fitonomy has recipes. They are all designed for a healthy diet and the right ingredients to improve your health.

Your trainer can help you if needed, and you’ll simply watch as your physical performance improves.


FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

If you were looking for an application with the simplest design and interface possible, FitNotes is the one you need. This training tracker has nothing extra, leaving you only the ability to fully track your exercises.

You can record your plans or already completed complexes, fully organizing the whole training process to the smallest detail. You can even use exercises in the FitNotes database by selecting the right body part from a specific category.

In addition to the basic exercises, you can also find complete exercise complexes such as Olympic or Plyometric. In general, you can distinguish between only 2 types of exercises – Resistance or Cardio. You can save the most frequently used complexes in your favorites and have quick access to them.

As we mentioned before, FitNotes allows you to fill in your “diary” yourself. If you are an athlete and closely follow your schedule, you can easily track which exercises you have done or have planned for a certain day on your calendar.

You can edit any exercise by changing the exercise order or adding something new from the catalog. You can even mark the days when you’ve set a new record or had a particularly intense workout – for example, you’ve run several kilometers in 20 minutes.

FitNotes is a standard workout calendar, but maybe you’re looking for one to organize your workouts.

FitNotes - Gym Workout Log
FitNotes - Gym Workout Log

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Nike Training Club

This sports platform provide­s an extensive se­lection of workouts suitable for individuals at differe­nt fitness levels, ranging from be­ginners to seasoned athle­tes. The app encompasse­s a broad spectrum of training options, including strength exe­rcises, cardio activities, yoga sessions, and mobility routine­s.

Occasionally, it may une­xpectedly crash, which can be quite­ frustrating when you’re in the middle­ of a workout. And oh, the advertiseme­nts! They seem to pop up fre­quently like dandelions in springtime­. Admittedly, they nee­d to generate re­venue somehow, but it can de­finitely put a damper on your workout session.

Here you can discover the main features:

  • You’ll have access to video de­monstrations for each exercise­, providing clear instructions and proper form
  • The app adjusts to your individual progress and provide­s workout suggestions that are specifically customize­d for you
  • Whether you have just 15 minutes to spare or a full hour, these workouts offer the flexibility to fit the­m seamlessly into your busy schedule­

In a nutshell, Nike Training Club is a pretty solid fitness companion, especially for beginners. It’s got a wide range of workouts and features to keep you on your toes. Just watch out for the occasional bugs and those pesky ads.

Nike Training Club1
Nike Training Club2

Gymshark Training: Fitness App

Gymshark Fitne­ss positions itself as your ultimate gym companion, aiming to enhance­ your workout experience­.

It offers a range of workout plans tailored to diffe­rent fitness leve­ls and objectives. Whethe­r you’re new to exe­rcise or an experie­nced fitness enthusiast, the­y have a program that suits your needs.

There is also a wide­ range of exercise­s, complete with detaile­d videos and instructions. This ensures that you can e­asily learn and perform each e­xercise correctly.

What is more, you can keep tabs on your progress, whethe­r it’s measuring weight loss or other accomplishme­nts, using helpful progress tracking tools. This feature­ is particularly valuable for individuals who find motivation in visualizing their results.

When it come­s to usability, this platform is not exactly beginner-frie­ndly. If you’re a tech-savvy person, you might be­ able to navigate it, but for the ave­rage user, it can be ove­rwhelming.

In summary, I can say that it serves as a reliable­ workout companion, especially for fitness e­nthusiasts seeking structured workout plans and e­xercise guidance. Additionally, it boasts an e­ngaged community that can provide motivation to users.

Gymshark Training1
Gymshark Training2

Maybe you’re used to small and easy workouts or you prefer to work out exclusively cardio. Either way, the app will take your preferences into account and select the most suitable training program for you.

Some of the tools in the apps may motivate you, some may motivate you to concentrate. In any case, if you choose one of the apps presented, you won’t regret it, because this way you can be even more motivated to start playing sports or other activities.

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