12 Best Notification Apps for Android 2024

Sometimes we are very busy. We forget to check our email or social networks. Our friends think that we ignore them. We will help you fix it. Download the notification apps. This is a great way to always be aware of any activity on the Internet. These apps will notify you of any message or email. It is your personal helper.

These apps are necessary for business people. Be always up to date. Apps will remind you of important dates and meetings. You can use these apps as a planner. Plan your time in the most convenient way for you. Be punctual. Never be late. Remember everything! These apps will help you become the most responsible person.

There is a lost of the best notification apps. Try them all or choose only one. By the way, there is also an article about BT notification apps for Android if you’re interested.

Notisave – status and notifications saver

Do you forget everything? You urgently need a personal notification app. Download this app and you will remember everything. It will notify you about everything. You will be able to read notifications whenever you want. They won’t distract you. You can automatically put the notification. The app will repeat them several times. All notifications will be in one place.

It’s comfortable. The design of the app is convenient and intuitive. You won’t be confused. All notifications are sorted. Select the desired category. Games or social networks? The app protects all your personal information. Don’t be afraid of spies. You can set a password or fingerprint identification. It is very reliable.

Look for notifications among all apps. It will save you time. Only you can decide what to see. Autosave important notifications. You won’t miss anything. Developers add new innovations and improvements. Don’t miss the new updates. The app is really useful. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times.


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Notification History

If you do not understand how to use this app, then watch the video tutorial. The app will catch all notifications and collect them in one place. It is very convenient. You can quickly view all the notifications. Open the app and select a category. Allow only useful apps to give notifications. You can look at notifications at any time.

You will no longer miss notifications. If you are bored with notifications of apps, block them. Schedule the display of notifications. Scroll notifications left or right to delete them. If notifications aren’t shown, write to technical support. They will help quickly. Allow the app access to make it work completely.

The app works well. It doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 8.4 MB. Download it as soon as possible. You can control all your notifications. You will have more time. You will remember everything. This app will help you. It has been installed more than 1 million times. Try it!


FilterBox Notification Manager

FilterBox is like a ve­rsatile tool that can handle all your notification nee­ds. With this app, you have complete control over customizing your notifications in every way imaginable.

Whether it’s muting pesky apps, setting specific quiet hours, or filtering notifications by specific ke­ywords, the app does it all. It’s like having a personal virtual assistant for your phone, minus the coffee­-fetching duties.

Additionally, the app offers a useful feature called “Notification History.” This feature keeps track of all your previous notifications, allowing you to easily catch up on any important messages you may have missed. It’s almost like having a time machine for your notifications!

Also, it offers a wide range of features to customize your notifications. You can easily group notifications, choose which apps to allow or block, and e­ven set up reminde­rs for specific notifications.

To sum up, FilterBox is a unique app that enhances the way you manage notifications. While it may have some e­ccentricities and require a bit of time to get used to, once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


Best Notification – Heads up

You can display notifications of your favorite apps. This is a useful feature for business people. You will know about all the messages and important events. Block annoying notifications. Apps often send spam. Get rid of it. The app can work in the background, as well as on the lock screen. You won’t spend much time reading notifications.

You can enjoy the effect of bubbles. This is amazing. Block unnecessary notifications permanently or temporarily. The app supports all languages. It doesn’t matter where you live. You can easily use this app. This is your personal assistant. You will save time because you don’t need to remember messages. All notifications are in one app.

You will be able to customize the app as you wish. Select the apps you want to see. Adjust notifications. Don’t worry about your personal safety. All your information will be saved and protected. No one can hack you. The app doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 2.6 MB. Download it and join the 50 thousand users.


Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager

This is one of the most advanced notifiers. Download it and your notifications will be under control. The design of the app is amazing. You can choose the color of the interface. You have a huge selection. Choose a color to suit your mood. This is a great notification app. You will be aware of all the notifications.

You can customize the display of the notification. Choose any layout. Don’t worry about confidentiality. Everything is securely protected. The app is easy to use. Read the notification and delete it. This is a powerful notifier. You can quickly reply to the message. You no longer need to go to social networks. Reply to messages and notifications from the home screen.

The main feature of this app is the design personalization. You can choose how the notifications will be displayed. The app is fast. Download the app and you will save a lot of time. If you are very busy, this app is for you. It has been installed more than 1 million times. Try it and you won’t regret.


Glimpse Notifications

This is a great notification app. You can monitor all your notifications. It is simple and fast. Adjust the display of notifications. You can personalize your notifications. Make working with notifications pleasant. The app is very intuitive. You won’t be confused. It is easy to see all the notifications.

Choose which notifications can be displayed. Get rid of unnecessary notifications. Excess notifications very often bother us. If you are a busy person, delete these apps. Receive notifications only from important apps. Personalize your notifier. This is a great helper. You will have much more time.

The application is easy to use. People download it. It has been already installed more than 100 thousand times. Don’t be afraid of your notifications. No one will see them. The app doesn’t collect personal information about its users. Help yourself by downloading this app.


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Front Flash Notification

Have you ever wanted a front flash notification? This is possible thanks to this app. Flash helps to notice notifications. You will know that you received a message at any time of the day. Everyone on the smartphone has a flashlight. Use it with benefit. Configure it so that it shines when you receive notifications. Your friends will be shocked.

You can activate it when the sound is working. It’s comfortable. Flash won’t bother you at important meetings and conferences. Adjust the look of the flash. Fast or slow flashing? You can choose anything. Select the blink rate. This is the most personalized notifier. Try it as soon as possible.

This front flash will help you stay aware of all the notifications. It will save you time. The front flash isn’t annoying. It helps you to be more organized. You won’t forget to check your messages or mail. Front flash doesn’t spend a lot of battery of your smartphone. The app has been used by more than 100 thousand people.


Material Notification Shade

You can choose a theme for your notifications. Choose any color. There are infinite shades of colors. Look at the notifications. Then read and understand the importance. Delete or reply to messages. It is very convenient and fast. You will save a lot of time. This app is your personal notifier.

This is a powerful notifier that will help you. It will be more convenient for you to check your mail with it. All notifications will be displayed on the screen. Sort them by the apps. Prevent distracting apps from sending you notifications. It is annoying. You decide what to watch. Be the master of your life.

Quickly reply to the messages. It will save a lot of time. You don’t need to open instant messengers. Just click on the notification and write a message. The design of the app is beautiful. Nothing will annoy you. The modern interface will help you. You can use your flash to better see notifications. Try the app. You will like it!


Nap: notification manager

This app functions as a personal assistant for your notifications, similar to Alfre­d’s relationship with Batman. It is constantly available and ready to enhance your smartphone experience.

A standout feature is its skill in categorizing and prioritizing notifications, creating a VIP section within your inbox. Who doesn’t enjoy feeling important? Moreover, you have the ability to sche­dule notifications according to your prefere­nce, granting you complete control over your device.

Additionally, this app offers the­ ability to personalize notification sounds, making it convenient for distinguishing important emails from your boss. Furthermore, it include­s a “Do Not Disturb” mode, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupte­d moments of tranquility without having to power off your phone.

The user interface­ could use some improvement in terms of design. It’s functional, but not particularly visually appealing.

Among the various notification manage­r apps available, “Notification Assistant Pro” stands out as a unique indie­ film with a dedicated group of followers.

While it may not be the most widely known option, it has successfully carved out its own niche, positioned be­tween the major conte­nders and lesser-known alte­rnatives.

Finally, I’m sure that with the help of this app, you will be always aware of your tasks and will never be late.


Notification Reader: Shouter

This great app is able to read your notifications. You will be aware of all the notifications. The app clearly and accurately reads the words. You won’t be confused. The app also speaks the battery level of your smartphone. You will always know when to charge the phone. Find out your location. The app will read you. This is a great sound assistant.

The app will read the name during the call. It is useful for business people. Don’t be afraid of your personal information. The app doesn’t collect your data. It protects them. You can find out about your missed calls. The app will read you all the calls. Put a voice reminder. You won’t forget important dates.

You won’t be able to stop using the app. It is very convenient. It simplifies your life and saves time. Select apps that can send you notifications. Get rid of annoying apps. Voice notifications are modern technology. It will help us in everything. Download the app as soon as possible.


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Missed Notifications Reminder

Sometimes we are very busy and don’t have enough time to answer the calls. What do we need to do? Download this app. This is a perfect reminder. You can set the response time for messages. The app will remind you when the time comes. You won’t miss any more notifications. The app needs a minimum of permissions. It doesn’t spend a lot of battery.

It only works when reminded about notifications. Set the reminder interval. You can choose any time. The design of the app is very simple. It is intuitive to use it. You won’t be confused. Everything is simple and fast. Set a timer to respond to notifications. If you don’t need a reminder for a while, disable it.

The app is popular. It has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times. Every business person needs a helper. Try this app. This is one of the best reminders. You will be able to reply to all messages. You won’t forget about them. All missed notifications will be in the app. Don’t worry about your personal information. It will be protected.


Taskeet – Reminders & Alarms

To start, it offers a user-friendly inte­rface that is as intuitive as having a friendly puppy licking your face on a relaxing Sunday morning. Its simplicity ensures that e­ven someone as care­free as a hamster could navigate­ it effortlessly.

Reminde­r, you can swiftly create reminde­rs for crucial tasks and events, making it an absolute life­saver for those of us who may have e­ver-distracted minds.

This is your ultimate tool for setting re­minders for just about anything you can think of. Need to re­member that dentist appointme­nt? Simply set a reminder and consider it done.

Moreover, this tool provides a plethora of customization options to suit your prefe­rences. You can select from a range of notification sounds, snooze reminde­rs for those moments when you ne­ed some extra downtime­, and even color-code your re­minders for improved organization.

In summary, if you’re se­arching for an app to help you stay on schedule and e­ven remind you to fee­d your goldfish (yes, it can do that), Reminder is the­ perfect choice.

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