7 Best Stock Portfolio Analyzer Apps for Android & iOS

Everybody knows about investing, but not everybody knows how to do it properly and minimize risks. One of the crucial elements is a diversified portfolio. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a financial background and cannot always make the right choice of where to invest. That’s why portfolio analyzer apps were invented – now you don’t need to pay additional money to a consultant – the AI will analyze your portfolio along with providing useful advice.

And we all know how important it is to buy a share at the lowest price possible. Now you don’t even need to constantly monitor the stock exchange for that – use Trading Alert Apps for Android & iOS and you won’t miss!


Delta is our first application that supports more than 300 crypto exchanges and stock exchanges worldwide. So, what are the major benefits of this tool? In Delta, users can manage all the portfolios and monitor the real-time quotations of popular stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, mutual funds, bonds, futures, etc.

The app provides you with access to unique asset viewing features. Thus, you can view your current position, market price, % change, and income data.

There is no need to worry about missing something, as the app will instantly notify you about the significant changes. No matter how many portfolios you have, as you can always check your balance, investments, income, or losses for various periods.

Moving on, the app comes with a stylish dark interface that makes it very useful for people with vision problems.

Overall, Delta is a classic app for investments and it will provide a strong analysis of your portfolio situation. You will see the coefficient of efficiency of each company that you have in your portfolio. All the data is collected in the app concerning the historical data.




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Sharesight Reader

The second top-grade application in our rating list is Sharesight Reader. It is one of the most popular financial advisor apps. Sharesight Reader offers users to monitor their portfolios or separate assets.

Moreover, you can check the performance of all your stocks from over 30 global stock exchanges. But before you start using it, you will have to pass a simple registration procedure. For this, you should visit an official website.

Sharesight Reader comes with a great number of options, so let’s have a look at them:

  • View the current value, capital, dividend, and currency gains
  • Keep track of currency, private equity, bonds, property, and other investments in a single place
  • Monitor the performance for certain periods
  • Group assets by country, industry, investment type, market, or sector

Another useful feature there – the app allows you to compare the portfolio with others. Plus, the app’s version is constantly updated! In comparison with similar stock portfolio analyzer apps, Sharesight Reader is extremely lightweight. Therefore, you will install it in a couple of seconds!




Personal Capital: Retirement

Do you want to monitor all your portfolios, bills, bank accounts, and credit card receipts in one place? In this case, we have to recommend you to try Personal Capital. Now let’s find out why this app is so special!

First of all, we have to mention that Personal Capital is a safe and reliable application that does not sell your private data to third parties.

So, the app allows users to check all the expenses and total income across all of their accounts. With the Investment Checkup tool, you can also monitor the way your investments are performing.

Are you waiting for retirement? Due to this tool, you can easily forecast when you can retire. Moving on, you can also use this app on the Apple Watch. All you need to do – just set the expenses goal. After that, you can easily monitor the expenses data by days, weeks, months, or even years.

The app features a very straightforward interface, that even novice users will quickly manage!




Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis

If you want to be abreast of all real-time financial news, then we have found an excellent solution for you. Seeking Alpha is one of the largest investment communities of investors and industry experts.

But what are the major features this app provides?

In Seeking Alpha, users will monitor the portfolios, check price quotes and charts for stocks and indices, participate in discussions and comment on news and articles.

Furthermore, they will have an access to topical exchanges news, market analysis, latest reports from the financial experts. When you open the app, the first thing you need to do – create an account and fill in your portfolio. After that, you will start receiving notifications about the selected assets.

In Seeking Alpha, you will find lots of useful content. For instance, you can read a great variety of reports from the developers of the app, financial analytics, and others. Every month the investors post thousands of investment ideas and strategies.

Plus, the app enables you to subscribe to interesting daily newsletters! We have to mention that Seeking Alpha comes with two versions – free and premium. Well, if you want to have unlimited access to the app’s features, you can purchase it at a quite accessible price.




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Status Money: Financial Manager

Status Money is our next magnificent application that enables users to read beneficial financial knowledge, manage budgets, obtain the latest stock news, and even obtain cash rewards!

So, in Status Money, you can communicate with your peers or people who live nearby and have the same income. You can ask questions, share financial tips, and compare your finances. Plus, you can even check the way your net value ranks among other users. And all these things you can do anonymously!

There is no need to worry about your data protection, as the developer guarantees 100% safety. The app uses 256-bit encryption and does not sell your private data to third parties.

Moving on, all the users can keep track of their credit scores for free. In case of any score changes, the app will notify you. One of the best options – the app even allows you to earn money. Status Money provides you with individual recommendations to help you to save money.

Another appealing bonus of this app is that you get a cash reward if you invite others to join Status Money.




My Stocks Portfolio & Widget

My Stocks Portfolio is our next application that is truly worth downloading. The app is extremely lightweight, so the installation should not last too long.

But what is the major goal of My Stocks Portfolio?

Like the previous applications, this one allows users to monitor stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies in the stock market. My Stocks Portfolio also supports the cryptocurrency market – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, etc. This last feature makes this app stand out from others.

You can create several portfolios and keep them in a single place. So, you will have instant access to the total changes, gains, and losses. On the portfolio page, there are several sections on the bottom of the screen – Market News, Quotes, Holdings, More.

We have to highlight that the app guarantees detailed data on each stock quote – e.g. price ranges, market cap, P/E, EPS, Volume, Average Volume, Beta, Dividend & Yield.

As for the additional options, My Stocks Portfolio offers you to synchronize across multiple devices or add a password. Plus, it supports CSV import/export to Google Drive or Email.

The majority of users have positive feedback about this app. So, we believe it will suit you as well!




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Portfolio Tracker – Stocks & Dividends

And the last tool we are going to present to you is Portfolio Tracker. It is not very popular on the market, whereas it involves some remarkable features and that’s why we have it here.

First of all, Portfolio Tracker supports the main world stocks and ETF. All the users will easily monitor their portfolios, stock investments, dividend gains, or losses. You can even compare the way your dividend income increase per year. Plus, users can also set up a preferred currency!

We have to admit that the app’s design is developed in detail. In comparison to all the previous app, here the interface is plainer but it also promises to you easier navigation.

When you first open the app, you will find 3 sections on the bottom of the screen:

  • Historical
  • Portfolio
  • Settings

The Historical section contains detailed data about your operations history, stock investments, etc. The portfolio section comes with graphic charts for stocks, country, and currency. And in the last section, users can customize the settings as they wish. As a whole, Portfolio Tracker is full of useful features. Although, we have to warn you that it contains ads and in-app purchases.




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