11 Free Clip Art Apps for Android & iOS


In case you’ve been involved in design, poster production, or just a passion for graphics, you’re clearly familiar with the concept of clip art. In general, by clip art we mean any graphical objects that can become a part of a large project or make something new in the photo. We can say that this … Read more

11 Best Poster Maker Apps for Android & iOS


  Applications presented in virtual stores offer great opportunities for all areas of activity. This also applies to create unique and colorful posters. There is a huge collection of diverse applications for this. This list contains the best applications for creating posters. With their help, you can easily make a unique and eye-catching image. These … Read more

11 Best Hologram Apps for Android & iOS


Holographic objects are a new trend in technology. They will help you have fun, surprise your friends and even originally edit photos and videos. In this direction, there are a huge number of applications for different purposes. Some of them allow you to see a real hologram. To do this, you will need only a … Read more

9 Best Dual Camera Apps for Android


Sometimes we want to capture everything that happens around. How can we do this? You can take a picture of yourself and what is happening around you. This is a great way to share events and emotions that you feel. Programmers are developing apps that immediately activate 2 cameras. These apps are great for bloggers … Read more

13 Best Clone Picture Apps for Android & iOS

Photos, selfies and any other images have long been an integral part of our lives. We take pictures ourselves every day, in memorable moments, with friends and at any time – but we can never take pictures with ourselves. “It’s impossible,” you say. Indeed, if you don’t have a twin brother or sister, you can’t … Read more