15 Best Free Wishlist Apps for Android and iOS

In this article, we present free wishlist apps for you based on worldwide popularity. Have a look and choose any you like.

Imagine the holidays are coming. What will be the first thing you think about? Yes, sure about what to give as a present for your beloved ones. It’s not so easy to make a choice and guess anyone’s wishes, is it? But wish list apps will help you out here.

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Wish list applications let users build lists of items that they need or want for special occasions, including weddings, birthdays, Christmas holidays, graduations, baby registries, housewarmings, and other special events.


This is the ultimate leader of our list that allows you to create a wishlist using the real-life items right from the online stores! Moreover, using this app you can share wishlists with your friends and family. It’s much like the online shopping – you are just exploring the article online that you can get and then add them to a new list.

You can create an unlimited number of lists. In order to review everything, you can see it in the “my collections” section. Apart from that, the app can send you alerts each time a certain sale starts so you can quickly add it to your list.

Have no idea what else to wish? Well, there is a solution even for that! In WishUpon you can even see the thing which is trending for wishlists at the moment.

A nice interface will be another pleasant bonus while the usage of this app. Amazon, ASOS, Sephora, Ulta, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Net-a-porter, Zara – this is not even the whole list of stores represented.




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Wish List

Another player that is new in the wishlist apps industry offering a convenient and multi-tasking software to create best wishlists. Here you can create the most customized wishlists – add detailed descriptions to all the items you put in, including prices and stores where people can get it.

The interface design is typical for a regular Android app. Because of its simplicity, it can become very convenient in usage. When you have received something from your wishlist or the whole wishlist (lucky you) then you mark them as “done” with a check sign.

Moreover, you can use this app as a grocery shopping list helper. The things you put in your lists you can sort out by categories. In general, this app might be not the best one in terms of creativity (especially the name) but it is still functional.




The structure of the work of this app is actually similar to the first app, WishUpon. Here you are also going online shopping, choosing the items you like and then adding them to your wish list.

Later you can share the wishlist with other people. One distinctive feature here is that you can share the wish lists via Facebook, therefore, inviting your friends to use this app.

Just set a location and the app will display all the local stores around you. In general, it is an extremely user-friendly app that you and your family can use to make gifts for each other.





This application is a unique gift idea sharing service. Gifster connects family and close friends around gift-giving occasions. Just download it once and you will use it year after year.

Get the gifts you want every time, with a family gift registry for any occasions like birthday, wedding, Christmas holidays, graduations, baby registries, housewarmings and so on. Your family members’ gift ideas go into Giftster and out comes a simpler way to give and get gifts that matter most… without anxiety.

With the help of Gifster you can create a private, group (shared only with groups) or public (for everyone to see) wish lists for different occasions and it doesn’t take even five minutes! Gifster saves time.

You can invite your family members to join your private wish lists or you can use Giftster just for your own wish lists, and decide to share them later.  In addition ranking gift ideas with a 5-star system is available here what helps choose the most wanted gift.

Gift ideas can be marked as reserved or purchased so others will not buy the same thing. Moreover, the list maker cannot see the status of items on their own lists.

So Gifter is a highly recommended app: spend money only on really desired or useful items and save your time without the need to guess anymore!



A fresh, brand new beautiful design of the app is s a joy to use and look at!



Another app for wishlists for Android users that seems to be pretty good. The app can be used only with a tied account, so you can create a separate one in the app, or use Google or Facebook.

Then you will need to create the link to your profile and mark your birthday. At first, the app can seem a little difficult to navigate.

You need to go to the section “Add Wish” where you will be able to choose the category of gifts that you want to receive. Each category includes the most famous brands so it’s really easy to find something you want.

Or, you can also paste the things from the URL. And obviously, you can add pictures of gifts from your phone’s gallery.

When your wishlist is ready, you can save it in the “My Wishes” section. In addition, you can review trending gifts at the moment in case you’re lacking inspiration.




Probably, each person in this world has ever face the situation when they don’t know what to give their friends for a birthday and then their friends (or family) didn’t know what to give them. This app was created to help to solve this problem.

One feature of this app is that here creating a separate account is not required – you can register yourself by only setting your phone number. Next, the app will synchronize with all the contacts you have on your phone and will be displaying the wishlists that are only registered and tight to those numbers.

This feature is incredibly smart and convenient. What is more, often we don’t agree with each other considering some gifts or ideas. meHappy has solved this issue as well – you can create joined wishlist, edit and discuss them together.

In case you want your gift it would be a surprise you can hide from your friend the information who actually bought the gift so they won’t know until the last moment. In addition, it helps to avoid the situation when two friends bought the same gift.

One more feature worth mentioning here is that the app is forget-proof. Yes, there are people who forget about our wishlists and birthdays. Well, the app will always send them alerts so they have no excuses!




Wish Explorer

Wish Explorer is one of the most popular free wish list apps for Android devices. It allows users to create and share wish lists for different special events.

You can note down your wishes from local stores by scanning a barcode.
By sharing your wishes, you can show your friends what you really like and help them find a great present for you. Likewise, you can use lists of your friends to find a present that will make them really happy.

Do you want to make yourself and your friends happy? Then create and share a wish list for Christmas, your birthday, wedding, shopping and more!





There is nothing extra phenomenal about this app, but it has extended possibilities for online shopping and adding things to your wishlist. Here you can literally pick up any item from any web site. Wish works is a more simple app than the previous ones, but it will be perfect for those who don’t use apps of this type often.

Still, if you decide to choose this app you won’t regret it because it has all the features to form a wishlist quickly. Then your friends will be able to see it (if you grant access, of course). You can also save these wishlists to yourself in order not to forget anything.

Here you can even scan items to add them to your wishlist. Moreover, you can set a reminder for yourself so you’ll never forget about your friends’ birthday. Another distinctive feature is that the app guarantees not to share your data with 3rd parties.





As you can guess when you see the icon of this app it is meant for couples. However, singles are also allowed to use it:) It is more simple than other iOS wishlist apps that we have here, but it has more extended possibilities for lists’ customization.

You can create lists for different events and purposes, add detailed descriptions. Later you can share it with friends so they can have an idea of what to give you on your Birthday, and of course, your beloved ones.

Here you can also set the notifications in order not to forget anything. Moreover, this app has a unique feature to save products into custom lists and easily can edit while not required.





This is a more simple app for compiling wishlists. One advantage of it compared to other apps in this article is with +WishList.com you won’t have to ask your friends to also install the app to see your list.

In other ways, the app seems to be pretty simple. The simple interface design with the section for choosing the gifts (and here you can actually go to the websites and paste things from there right to the app). In case your friends or family are also using +WishList.com you can follow each other to share everything immediately.

Basically, +WishList.com is a branch of the website and it works just like any other wishlist app on this list. One possible drawback is that users can face difficulties with logging in sometimes.




GettaGift Wishlist Gifting app

This app with a funny name allows you to quickly scan the thing you want to add to your wishlist. Thus, it will be helpful for those who usually take pictures of everything they see.

The feature that distinguishes this software for wishlists from any other app is that it allows you to quickly make a wishlist, save gifts from friends and family and share all the information about gifts with whom you want.

In other words, this app helps to even out what you or other person wants for a wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, baby registry and more.

The interface is really simple and all the functionality is limited so simple creation of wishlists. You can always invite your family and friends to view your list. Moreover, to any image that you add you can add a description as well, so no detail will be left out of sight.

On the other hand, if you don’t want other people to see your wishlist, you can mark it as “private” and then it will be accessible for only a limited number of people.



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Cutlery Wishlist

If one day you decide to develop an app for making the wishlists for cutlery, you’ll never be wrong, because lots of people on our planet love cooking all are about those kitchen tools.

Moreover, cutlery has been one of the most traditional and suitable gifts for decades now. Besides, it’s always needed in the house – people who cook often probably know how much easier does it male the process. From the first sight, this app might seem a little bit tricky to use, but that’s only because it lets you create detailed sets of cutlery in your wishlists.

In addition to that, it gives you a chance to monitor prices for cutlery from different sellers. There are different paid options with different features. Using this app you can easily save and send a copy of your customized list with your friends and family through text or social media.




Gift Hero

A simple app for creating simple wishlists. It will get installed on your phone in a second and then you will be able to choose the things by inserting the URLs of websites into the app and taking pictures from there (or creating separate posts).

What is more, you can name each wishlist in the way you want. Later on, you can take a screenshot of a wishlist or just send it via social media to anyone you want.

Gift Hero might be not the best and most popular app on the market, but it’s remarkable for its simple and user-friendly interface, where you don’t have over 10 sections just to compile a wish list for once.



Ultimate Wish List

One of the newest wishlist making apps on the market and here you create any kinds of wishlists, customize them in the way you want, explore online shops, add items from web sites to your lists, share with friends your lists via social media and many more.

Moreover, when you expose the thing you want on the app you can highlight:

– Item price
– URL link/store
– Product pictures
– Mark items as purchased when they are

So as you can see it’s a lot of fun using it. Another bonus is a really nice and easy to use interface which reminds of the one that Google account has, so if you have the latter it will be even easier for you to orientate in Ultimate WIsh List.

The app just started its life so for sure it will gain more popularity in the future. You got a chance to test it out first!



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How many times you’ve faced this problem when you make a gift to someone important (your boyfriend/girlfriend, mom, dad, best friend, your dog) and eventually it turns out it’s completely not what they wanted?

Developers of this app have also thought about it and decided to make an app that releases you from these inconveniences.

First of all, here you create your account and then start making your lists. By the way, here the app suggests you create quite an interesting profile, marking your interests, hobbies and so on and even put your profile picture. Apart from that, you can always copy gifts from your friends’ wishlists.

In order to always see what your friends want in their wishlists, you can follow them and they can follow you back. If you see someone important is missing from the app, you can invite them to it. The wishlists are highly customizable you can add descriptions to each article, scan things and add them to the list and add things from online stores.



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