Siri planes overhead app review

siri planes overhead app

What planes are over your head? Siri will come to the rescue! Have you ever been curious about what is there in the sky above your location? Is there any plane? How high is it? Wherefrom and where is it flying? Now you can get an exact information about what flights are above you with the help of your … Read more

What song is this? 7 Apps for Identifying Songs

Have you ever been in a situation, when a really cool song is playing in a cafe or in a shopping center and you kind of want to know what it is in order to save it for later? If yes, you’re in the right place! With today’s technical advances it is just as easy as possible. Technological progress … Read more

16 Best Free Wishlist Apps for Android and iOS


In this article, we present free wishlist apps for you based on worldwide popularity. Have a look and choose any you like. Imagine the holidays are coming. What will be the first thing you think about? Yes, sure about what to give as a present for your beloved ones. It’s not so easy to make a … Read more

How to change username on Snapchat

snapchat how to change username

Are you thinking of changing your username on Snapchat? Wondering, how to do it properly? Well, we’ve got two kinds of news for you. You may also like: 11 Best Instagram layout apps for Android & iOS The first one is that it appears to be impossible, because of Snapchat’s policy, according to which changing … Read more

20 Best Free Music Download Sites 2020


How do you get new music? Do you want to get it easier and faster? Below, we have collected the most popular, save and free music download sites. You haven’t to search the Net anymore in order to find how to download your favorite tracks. Just have a look at the best free music download sites … Read more

11 Sites Like Reddit You’ll Eager to Use Everyday


Remember The Matrix? The world is data. Information. You cannot possibly read or just look through all of it, remember how difficult it was to read matrix? All news has to be fun and useful on a daily basis. I mean, like, I spend some time with New York Times but it would be nice to … Read more

Best 6 Free Dating Apps of 2020


Dating apps are great because all over the world there are people too shy to meet each other in a traditional sense. Dating apps help users break the ice in an appropriate way. First, it feels like installing yet another app on your phone. Uploading some regular selfies into the account feels like nothing new or intimidating. Once … Read more