TVexe Software Review


Are you interested in how to get to know the whole world, its entertainment, culture, music, without leaving your room? Turn your personal computer into a portal to the world with TVexe TV HD. TVexe TV HD is a handy program for watching TV channels on your computer screen. It provides access to more than … Read more

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Review


If you have an idea to start your marketplace or online store, you can try many platforms. And we promise you will definitely stop when you know about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor! Meet a PERFECT CMS service FOR YOU to start an online store or website. CS-Cart is the best thing that exists today for e-commerce in … Read more

WinNc, file manager for Windows Review


WinNc is a multifunctional file manager with a wide range of various options. Unlike most of its competitors, this application has a more pleasant interface divided into two windows, between which you can switch. The windows function independently of each other; one can access the information on hard drives and FTP servers in them. The … Read more

SUMo Software Update Monitor Review


Always wanted to update programs and drivers on your computer to the latest versions in time, but were too lazy to browse sites and look for a new version? Then a wonderful free program was made especially for you, which will help keep your software and, in part, drivers up to date. More precisely, it … Read more

RethinkDNS App Review

Every second person in the world is concerned about his data and device security. For such purposes, the RethinkDNS application WILL PERFECTLY FIT YOU. It provides you with fast, private, and safe DNS and Firewall. Installing and using RethinkDNS is completely free and does not require any registration. By the way, if you want to … Read more

GRBackPro Windows Server Backup Software Review


You no longer need to search for a fast and reliable backuper if you deal with Windows, both 32 and 64-bit version servers. Meet GRBackPro – Professional Windows Server Backup Software. By the way, do you have games on your PC? You can also secure the data by saving your progress on your mobile device … Read more

Mathemagics Multiplication App Review


Do you find learning the multiplication table a long and monotonous process? Well, now we would like to show you that it is far from it. Mathemagics Multiplication app provides a new approach to memorizing the multiplication table. So, let’s take a look at why this app is so special. Mathemagics Multiplication app provides a … Read more

GiMeSpace Software Review

Nowadays the lack of space on the desktop is a common thing. But we have found a great organizational tool that will help you to get rid of such problems. GiMeSpace is a professional software to increase visual space on the desktop. So, let’s take a look at its amazing features. GiMeSpace allows you to … Read more

iReparo for Android Software Review


Everyone has ever thought about recovering the data from the mobile phone to the PC. Well, iReparo is an excellent solution for all Android users. So let’s take a deeper look at its major features. First of all, iReparo allows you to backup a wide range of media files – pictures, videos, contacts, audios, documents, … Read more

SourceMonitor Software Review


Writing code that works well is a craftsmanship, and every master must have a journeyman. One that will carefully analyze the code, evaluate its complexity and help the developer organize their work easily and neatly. One that will offer you suggestions for improvement. Such a user-friendly assistant is provided to you by the Campwood Software … Read more