11 Best event planner apps for Android & iOS

Event planner apps

Parties, celebrations and many other things that people usually do on dates that are important to them require the right preparation. You really should organize all the details correctly. In the company of close people you always want to spend time fun and interesting, so that you do not lose a minute of a great … Read more

13 Best high graphic games for Android & iOS

Best high graphic games

Since we entered the era of the technological race, we have a pleasure to watch new models of smartphones appearing with amazing frequency. All major mobile corporations compete trying to improve parameters of its flagmen as much as possible. Among all the pros we have found one for real gamers. New modern smartphones have high … Read more

15 Free timecard apps for Android & iOS

Free timecard apps

Don’t you have enough time to complete all the plans for the day? It seems to you that it is not enough the whole day to do everything you plan? You need to use the timecard to schedule the day. You can buy a notebook and do it manually. There is a way that will … Read more

11 Best scrapbook apps for Android & iOS 2020

scrapbooking apps

Needlework, embroidery, and handicrafts have always been a fun hobby. People all over the world are fond of needlework and other such things, as it is a great way to make something beautiful with your hands. If you don’t know what scrapbooking is yet, it’s the whole art of creating photo albums, collages. The design … Read more

13 Best Color Texting Apps for Android & iOS


Text support for photos and messages sometimes plays an important role in communication. It can also affect your mood when communicating – bright, juicy letters will lift your mood, and allow you to look at the messages of the person you are talking to more easily and without much tension. There are also a number … Read more

10 Best Pink Theme Apps for Android


Our phone is practically our whole life enclosed in one device. That’s why it’s so clear why we want to make our smartphone individual, unlike any other and as comfortable as possible for us. Accordingly, the interface must also meet your requirements. Every person has their own requirements and design wishes. If we are talking … Read more