8 Best Keyloggers For iPhone 2024 (free & paid)

Best Keyloggers or iphone

Although keyloggers have kind of a reputation for being a hacking software, they actually have a wide usage field. There are plenty of keyloggers for iPhone in 2024 that you can use for plenty of purposes: from parent control to personal or employee monitoring. These apps let you record all keystrokes made from phones, such … Read more

13 Quick Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers

Best Quick Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers

Remote work is great, but it can make you miss simple things like having fun in the office and during coffee breaks. Luckily, there’s a simple way to get it done online! There are plenty of quick games to play on Zoom with colleagues that will increase the team spirit and assemble deeper relationships between … Read more

6 Best Virtual KVM Software in 2024 

Now our whole life is computerized. Personal matters, work, communication, shopping – all this can be conveniently done on one device. Yet, sometimes for different purposes, there can be different devices. For example, you use a PC for work, for personal purposes you have a laptop, and for communication, you bought a phone. How do … Read more

7 Best Terminal Emulator Apps For Mac

Terminal for Mac is an awesome program that meets all requirements and does a great job. Yet, there are also excellent analogs that are even superior to the original and have extra useful functions. Here we have reviewed the best Terminal emulator apps for Mac. Try them all or choose the one that perfectly fits … Read more

9 Free Websites to Play Online Card Games with Friends


Card games have been around for ages and have gained a massive fan base that keeps growing to this day. Luckily, now you have the ability to play cards with your mates without coming together. Plus, there’s a way to cope with that without installing anything on your PC. There are lots of free sites … Read more

How to Root Android without PC (7 Best Apps)

How to Root Android without PC

The standard functionality of smartphones often does not suit users. Maybe you don’t like the volume or brightness limitations of your smartphone, or you would like to change some details. First of all, you should understand what are Root access and what they give users. Group Policy of Android may resemble a tree, in which … Read more

7 Apps to Get Free In-App Purchases on Android


Disclaimer: We never recommend to use these services to break laws and game license terms & conditions. There are lots of apps to get free in-app purchases on Android that can help you bypass the app’s shopping system. These apps can help you to get rid of annoying ads, get you free gems, golden chests, … Read more

13 Best Mangastream Alternatives 2024

Best Mangastream alternatives

Manga and comics have many fans and people who like to read interesting and simple literature. At the moment it is not necessary to go to the bookstore and buy those books that might be interesting to you – everything can be easily found in digital format. Of course, some reading services will offer you … Read more

7 Free Discord Music Bots


Discord – is the most popular gaming chat, where you can not only exchange messages with friends and allies but also talk. Simple interface, intuitive functionality, and the possibility of long conversations make the application one of the most convenient for constant use. There are 11 Free apps like Discord for Android & iOS if you … Read more