9 Free Italian Card Games for Android & iOS

If you’re bored with mainstream card games and want to try something new, you’ve come to the right place!

There are tons of card games out there, and sometimes you can find joy in those you’ve never heard of before. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best free Italian card games for Android & iOS for you to enjoy.

With these apps, you’ll be able to try new games and share the experience with friends. These apps will surely diversify your experience and keep you occupied for hours on end. Let’s get into it!


If your goal is to get the ultimate traditional Italian card game, this might be the app to go for. It is one of the 3 of the most widespread national card games in Italy. And the best thing about this app is, it keeps things traditional, too.

There are no fresh takes or rule adjustments here, so you get the most authentic experience possible. The design is stunning, and there are several decks for you to try if needed. You can also modify the card backs if needed.

In fact, the game comes with Italian, French, and Spanish cards, so no lack of variety. You may rather play against from one to three opponents, but these are not real people. The game is limited to AI opponents only, but you won’t really see the difference, and that means you can access the game offline at any time.

You’ll also get to regulate the complicity level (there are three options here) to match your skills. The app even lets you alter the rules, how fun is that?


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Scopa – Italian Card Game

Wanna challenge your pals and see who plays Italian cards the best? This app is right up your alley. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a fun, versatile experience. You’ll get to contest with millions of players worldwide, and the app has tons of active players ready for a quick round at any time of the day.

And if you want to play with friends only, feel free to start a private room with adjustable rules. That being said, the app is all about flexibility. You’ll get to set the difficulty level, pick the deck, change the backs, and all that.

It also features both classic Scopa and a couple of other types in case you need some variety. You can even place bets on each round for an extra motivation boost. Of course, the game doesn’t deal with real money, so there are no real risks here.

Plus, the game covers tons of seasonal events and challenges for you to join, so there’s no place for boredom. There are over 100 goals for you to reach and achievements to unlock, too.


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Scopa Dal Negro

That’s another app that features a traditional Italian card game for you to enjoy. As you may guess by the name, it features a Scopa game with an original card deck. So if you used to play these when you were little, the app will surely bring back some happy memories.

Speaking of cards, you get traditional Dal Negro ones that have been used for the game for over a century now. The design is truly beautiful, and you get to adjust the backs if needed. Plus, there are over 15 other decks for you to try, so there’s smth for everyone.

You’ll also get to customize the table and fill in your profile to add a personal touch. The game covers a solo mode and lets you stand against AI opponents as well.

The AI characters are fun to play with as they will react to your moves with emojis. It won’t feel repetitive or boring, as these are made to imitate the play style of real people. And if that’s not the mood, there’s a multiplayer mode where you can test your skills standing against friends.


Scopa Più

It’s a handy card game that has everything for your entertainment. It’s fully free and comes with a bunch of stuff to diversify your playtime. The app covers several Italian games, including various types of Scopa, and a couple more.

Herewith, there are three complicity levels for you to adjust, so it’s easy to match the rounds to your skills. You start as a total newbie (as always), and there are 100 rank-ups for you to do here. There are also almost 30 badges to earn by participating in challenges and events.

The app comes with a multiplayer mode, so you can test your skills against real guys from around the globe. You’ll be able to start a private room to compete with friends only if needed. It even has a live chat and a built-in private messenger, so you can make new friends while playing.

And if you’re not in the mood for that, there’s a single-player mode for training and skill sharpening. You can also play with PC opponents if needed. All these features are free, but you can upgrade to a premium sub-pack to get more perks.


La Scopa

That’s a one-stop game that offers hours of fun for you. It’s pretty simple by the concept, but you still get everything you need here. First of all, you’ll get to adjust the complicity level. There are three options (pretty standard), and you can change them at any time needed. These only apply to AI opponents, though, so keep that in mind.

Speaking of these, the AI rounds work great if you require some practice. These are not boring, you won’t really see much difference from real people. You get tons of decks to choose from, and you can switch the back design for all of them.

The multiplayer mode is included as well, so you can test your skills against reap users as well. Plus, there are tons of fun challenges and events to participate in, and these can bring you additional badges and perks.

You’ll even get to alter the rules of the rounds to match your prefs. You’ll get to change the number of cards, the deck type, and all that. It’s entirely free, and the amount of ads is pretty bearable.


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Tressette Più

Here’s a free app to keep you occupied. It’s fully free to play and covers all you need to never get bored. The game lets you adjust the difficulty lvl to match your skills, so you can be sure you have real chances to win. It only applies to PC opposes, though, so keep that in mind.

You get around 100 skill levels to rank up, too. As for the modes, you get a solo one for skill sharpening, one with PC opponents, and a multiplayer one. The PC mode is entertaining to play, the bots are not acting repetitively or smth. It also runs offline, which is great for traveling and no-service situations in general.

As for the multiplayer one, you’ll get to test your abilities against real people from around the world. The app has a massive active user base, so you’ll find someone to play with at any time needed.

Plus, there are numerous events and challenges to join. These can bring you some extra perks and badges. The app saves your entire stats, too, so it’s easy to keep up with progress. You can also climb up the worldwide leaderboard and compare your score with others.



That’s another traditional game that is loved all over the world. But even if you’ve never tried playing it before, don’t worry: the app has an in-depth tutorial to get you through all the basics. The rules are easy to memorize while still being fun and challenging.

And don’t forget to adjust the complicity level to match your current skills. The game has a cool achievement system, and there are tons of perks and boosters for you to unlock here. Of course, these are all in-game rewards, but it adds up to the competitive spirit.

The app lets you try your powers against the AI and real opponents. You can regulate the difficulty level when it comes to the AI, but the multiplayer rounds are fair as well. The app will only pick opponents with similar skill lvl, so everyone has equal winning chances.

Plus, there are tons of decks to choose from, so you won’t struggle with the lack of variety. Along with the deck, you can also adjust the back design and even the way the table looks. The game is free to play, but you can pay for removing the ads.


Briscola Dal Negro

It’s a classic Italian card game you can now access on mobile. The app is all about keeping things traditional, so if you’d like to experience the game the way it was played 100 years ago, you’ve come to the right place.

The app covers several modes for you to try here. First, there’s an AI one, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the way it works. The thing is, the opponents will actually act like real people by reacting to your actions with emojis. This mode can be accessed offline at any time needed, and you get to regulate the difficulty level here.

Plus, you can test your luck standing against real people. The app covers thousands of active users ready for a quick card round 24/7. There are 16 decks for you to try here, and if you’ll ever need to refresh your memory of the rules, there’s an in-depth guide as well.

You’ll also get to adjust the table and even change the rules a little if needed. The app covers both portrait and landscape modes, so you’re all the way covered.


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And lastly, there’s an addicting Italian card game that will get you hooked up right away. Sooth to say, the game has everything to grab your attention and hold it for a long time. It comes with a bright design, intuitive gameplay, and smooth animations with sound effects.

You may rather challenge the AI or go compete with real users. As for the AI, you’ll be able to adjust the difficulty level to match your skill. The app will save the history of your rounds, so you’ll be able to see how your abilities evolve and develop.

The multiplayer mode lets you create private rooms to have fun with mates (in case you’re not in the mood for dealing with random people). The app covers various kinds of decks, and some of them are yet to be unlocked. You’ll be able to customize the design and even alter the rules for certain rounds.

And if you’re a complete newbie, there’s a detailed tutorial to get you through the rules. You can also turn on hints and tips to get into the game.

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